Article: Violence in Rap

Por: Lipe (Saukerl) Angel Bastos
Título: Violence in Rap
-            There used to be a time you could say a rhyme and wouldn't have to worry about none of your people dying. But now it's elevated cause once you make threats it becomes a fight. People don't like when they're dissed so they act roughly, and sometimes they don't know how the difference between music and reality and things are said on a record may be misunderstood cause people may take them serious.
          Rap also shows reality but sometimes a simple joke becomes a fight and people may die, for example Tupac Shakur, he was shot in September 7and died in September 13, in Vegas.
         Why do people get so mad and act violently? Can't they stand jokes? Yeah, humankind is in trouble.
         Rappers commonly are sued and/or ger death threats for saying things people might not like, but it's freedom of speech, they have the right. If you wanna sue a rapper then do it but don't kill him.
         Till next time.

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