Article: Cigarettes

Por: Lipe (Saukerl) Angel Bastos
Título: Cigarettes
-              I don't understand how cigarettes can make people get calm or however the way they 'help' people. All they do is leave stains in people's lungs, may cause cancer, let people with a bad breath and yellow teeth, asthma and so on and on. Do you hate to inhale smoke and you have nothing to do with people's habits? That's why there is a law about cigarettes in São Paulo - People can't smoke in public places. If you don't live in São Paulo, would you like to live in a town that this law acts?
            I'm wondering why people have some affair with others who smoke, how can they stand the breath? Isn't it weird when they kiss? That must be horrible. Did I tell you how many harmful substances contain in a simple cigarette? Nope? Well, more than one thousand.
           Cigarettes are plenty more harmful than liquors.
           If you smoke, why do you do this? Do you wanna kill yourself? That's suicide homie. Do you smoke cause you feel down? Look for a psychologist.
           There are too many ways to make you quit smoking. Search it if you're interested.
           Cigarette is a drug, you gotta get rid of it.. Think it over, for yourself, for your family, for your friends. Just live up! Don't give up.
           Till next time.

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