Article: Mall

Por: Lipe (Saukerl) Angel Bastos
Título: Mall
-                Why do women get so happy at the mall? Oh I know what's the deal - Too many stores are in there. And why do women like shopping so much? Because they're tired of the same things, may be. But, why do women like buying two thousand pairs of high-heeled shoes? Or eight hundred purses? Why? Answer me, why?
              Am I criticizing? May be.. But why would you feel so dissed? I'm just being real (although I exaggerate sometimes). Think it over - If men were posted to sale, would women buy them when they're tired of their husbands or boyfriends? What about their sons? Joke.
             Have you ever strumbled in an escalator? Never? That's nice, it means you know how to walk inside a mall. Why am I being so fool today? I don't know. Talking seriously, why can't beggers get in? That's prejudice! of course it is. Malls are made to everyone, then they have the right to get in and get off whenever they wanna. Government and private companies try to deny it's prejudice but if a well-dressed person can get in why can't a begger do it? Just because they're bad-dressed and stink, isn't it? That sounds rediculous. And the main reason - They won't increase companies wealth. Shame!
           Till next time.

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