Article: Fight for your right

Por: Lipe Angel Bastos
Título: Fight for your right
-                       Some people say I destroy children's mind because I cuss and say a lot of bullshit. But who am I to change any thought and lead them astray? I'm just a regular guy and I fight for the right to say something you might not like, and if there's free-will indeed, I am just having freedom of speech.
                     What do you gotta fight for? You need to fight for a better future, it's your right. For example, if you're a man and live in Brazil, you might be recruited at eighteen, whether you like being there or not. "Hey Saukerl, why do you want me to fight for my right if you don't even know me?", I just don't want you to be craven cause being craven sounds horrible, you can't be bossed if you don't want to, you can't be offended without acting as defense, cause if you burst at any moment you might turn to a psychopath and murder somebody, and if your "target" is who offended you, I don't care, but you might kill a friend of mine or my family. Damn, this article isn't that good, I know.
                    When I say "fight", I don't mean to "whip someone's ass" but I mean you can't sit on your ass and stand everything that harms you. You can sue me for exciting violence if you misterpret this article, that's your right. And yeah, I'm being a fool.
                    Till next time.

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