Article : Don't read it!‏

Por: Lipe (Saukerl) Angel Bastos
Título: Don't read it!‏
                     Well, my last good article was that which talks about Fifa World Cup in Brazil. Since that day I can't write a nice article and I ask you - What the hell is happening to me? I know you don't know how to answer, not even me can do it. You may think I'm on drugs, but I'm not. Speaking of drugs, I should write an article about that sissy band group called Restart, shouldn't I? Would you love that? Maybe someday I can do it, matter of fact I'll need six lawyers. It sounds weird when I start dissing people for no reason but I have motif if I diss those multicoloured-pants-guys.
                   Haven't you ever asked to yourself "who's Saukerl?!". Don't ask to yourself, ask to who allows me to send these articles. Do you wanna know why I am like this? That's simple, just ask to yourself "why is winter cold?", oh dude, karmas is in the waters. Every sentence I ever wrote dissing somebody has got me in a corner. When will I change? Well, when Acquaman drowns and Humantorch starts swimming. Why don't you ask to yourself why you read my articles? Thinking about it would drive you crazy, wouldn't it?
                 You're so curious, did you read the title? But you couldn't wait to see the content of this article, I know it very well. I promise I'll write nice articles again, I don't know when.
                 That's all for now. I'm sorry.. Hey wait! Forget that "I'm sorry", I shouldn't apologize.
                  Till next time (yeah, there'll be).

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