Article: Don't Blame God

Por: Lipe (Saukerl) Angel Bastos
Título: Don't Blame God
-                      When things aren't happening like you ever wanted you mustn't blame God. God made everything but He isn't guilty when you don't succeed. He allows the humankind to do anything it wants, He gives us the free-will so we do what we think it must be done. God'll only judge us whenever He wants.
                    Lots of people around the world are atheists, and lots of people don't even know Him or didn't ever hear about Him. Lots of women blame God for not being as gorgeous as an actress or for not having anything to food her children, and lots men blame blame God for not having a job or for not having a good life. The human being has made too many awful things and God isn't pleased about them not even proud of the human being. Can you feel the greenhouse effect? Why is this happening? Do you blame God about it? Do you think God is angry so He wants to destroy all of us? Guess what, all of us did that. All we gotta do is pray to God everyday and regret our sins cause this world won't endure forever and He'll be the only one can decide where you'll live - Heaven or Hell. All this Heaven-Hell talk may bother you but the only thing I have to say now is : Don't blame God for every misfortune that happens.

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