Article : Courtships‏

Por: Lipe (Saukerl) Angel Bastos
Título: Courtships‏
               Who cheats on more, men or women? That's not a easy question to answer. Why do lots of people cheat on? Question worse than the last one. Humankind and its dogmas. I don't know when people started living like wild animals but I know when they're gonna stop acting like this - never!
              It's a shame what people do with each other. Why can't people live in harmony and see what they have in common instead of acting like idiots and cross the line? I think God is not proud about all this mess. Speaking of mess, courtship shoud be called "mess" because today everything is motif to revelry, and cheats, and fights, and dices, and several bad things. But who does this mess? I know, people who hate life and think it's a game do it. It's 3 am now and I'm talking about this subject because that's the only time my mind is on ecstasy (not that drug, mental state) and thus I can think about things that drive me crazy cause I won't get mad.
             Courtships were made to make people happier not to let people at rock bottom, and today people aren't as glad as forty years ago, it feels like the world has lost something called "love" and that's the way the world is falling to pieces. Marriages can't last anymore (a big part of them) and people suffer for loving and leaving. Hey wait, do they still love?! Nice question. People can't see a wonderful sunset anymore, all they see is a rain of rage falling over their heads like it was make them rougher and sun became  just a fireball (or a grenade).
           I can't say "You can't see how much I'm eager to be your man legally wed" but I'm sure love is all that keeps me fed and this is easily said. How could I think about a better day if things aren't the same like before?
           What do you take me for? A joke? Whatever, but the point is this - if you can't live with another person, don't do it because you can hurt feelings and sometimes it's too late to apologize, so love your lover and be happy till you're lying in the coffin. Don't waste your life.
          Till next time.

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Anonymous disse...

It's so deep *-*

Me and my friends from Korea love this guy ♥

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