Article: Fifa World Cup in Brazil?!

Por: Lipe (Saukerl) Angel Bastos
Título: Fifa World Cup in Brazil?!
-                 What? Wanna tickle me pink? I can't believe that could be allowed, what they? Blind? Well, there're too many questions to do and also too many things to do about this Cup. Who does really think it's gonna happen without problems? Not even if I try being positive. Can't they see what Brazil is facing? All they want is money. It rains so much in June and July, I think they wanna drown the players. The rain could be good if it were Olympics because place to swim wouldn't be an issue, but swimming isn't the only sport. I can't avoid talking about our stressful airports, I think teams will arrive in cities by bus instead of taking a plane. But what about holes found on every corner and on every road? Must I mention them? Shame!
              Lots of people may think this Cup will easily happen, but they should face the truth and admit what this country needs and that Brazil isn't ready to receive people not even to make a great Cup. People are daydreaming. Will hotels be able to receive too many tourists? Fie, hotels can't even receive our own nation! They're gonna shame our nation, our soil.
            South Africa isn't a wealthy country but it could receive people as good as european countries do. Brazil is worse than South Africa, and I'm not talking about our wealth (properly ours), I'm talking about airports, roads, hotels and other troubles we face. Brazil is a beautiful place but it's NOT ready to this Cup.
           Some people dream about it with a watering mouth but our reality here isn't a dream, it's a nightmare. I'm not cursing this Cup not even this country, I just think it's gonna be a disappointment.
           Till next time.

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