Intermediário 12. QUANTITY 3 - few / little, a few / a little


QUANTITY 3 - few / little, a few / a little



1) Few = not many (with countable nouns)


2) Little = not much (with uncountable nouns)


3) We use a few / a little when we are positive. It is better than expected.

Examples: There were a few people for the meeting. / There is a little coffee left.


4) We use few / little, when we are negative. It is worse than we expected.

Examples: There were few people at the meeting. / There's little coffee left.


5) When there is only in the sentence, we usually use a few or a little.


6) After very or too and before enough, we use few or little without a.



When there is a determiner (the, his, her, our, my, your, this, that, etc.) before the noun, we put OF after A FEW/FEW or LITTLE/A LITTLE.


A few of the students were late for the exam, but not many.

I've read few of his books. I don't like his writing.

She's given a little of her money t charity. I didn't think she would give any.

They liked little of the music at the concert. It was too noisy.



Complete the dialogue using: a few, a few of, few, few of, a little, a little of, little, little of.

Jane: Hello, Rosie. What are you doing here? I haven't seen you for a long time?

Rosie: But you know I live only a few streets away. Have you been to the film festival this year? It wasn't popular. There were few people there.

Jane: I'm not surprised. I saw (1) … the films at the festival. The tickets were very expensive.

Rosie: That's a pity. It was a good festival. There were only (2) … films I didn't like.

Jane: I have (3) … money these days. I'm saving to buy a car.

Rosie: But you should spend (4) … that money on things you enjoy.

Jane: I buy (5) … books and I've seen (6) … the games on the stadium.

Rosie: That's good. You don't spend all your time alone at home. (7) … your friends want to see you.

Jane: Thank you. But I have very (8) … time now. My job is very busy.

Rosie: But there are (9) … days when you don't work. Aren't there?

Jane: Yes. You're right. I have to see (10) … friends again.

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