Article: I'm Insane

Por: Lipe (Saukerl) Angel Bastos
Título: I'm Insane

         Hello, you know me.. Yeah, it's me again writing some article which you'll probably hate. It feels like I did drugs but I didn't, I'm just crazy for now.. My wish is eating a sawblade with icecream and and a cherry on the top and sand to season. I wanna jump off a bridge screaming "I can fly!" while I'm looking at two lesbians kissing beside me. I wanna write a letter and put a bomb into it and throw it with a slingshot and it explodes in the air like a "Happy New Year" fireworks or planes that were into th World Trade Center but it's so boring today. I'm so insane I can buy an old Cadillac and exchange it for a two Justin Bieber's album.. WHoops, nope, I'm not that crazy, not even his parents stand his songs.
        I'm free to talk about anything I want to, and you read it like it's your duty or hobby, but I don't care if this crap insults your favorite idol or if I look like an idiot, yes I look like an idiot, so you don't need trying to call me that.
        I eat so many candies that I could be diabetic and dead for having sugar instead of protein in my body. What the hell am I saying? Hey, the titlei is "I'M INSANE!!" so I can't quit saying all the fool things I've said up till now. Who owns this Blog isn't courage enough to try anything else to help this site so she wants me to write some articles.. Hey, if u're the owner and u're reading this article please say I'm fired cause I can't stand writing.. well, I wasn't even hired so I can't get fired.. I'm kidding.. since my rehab I've been too quiet and I haven't written what I should write.. Don't pay no attetion to me.. Why am I saying helelelah miich mech miich mech nooe, hippity gaga booboo yuhu eenemech... I'm an idiot.. That's just what you want to hear from me..
        I could spend hours writing senseless things, I'd like to, but I can't.. I'm inside dying and now I'm finally realizing I need HELP.. Can't do it myself too weak.. yeah I'm weak.. Nope, I'm stronger than yesterday.. Oh no, I'm getting crazy again.. Can I say whatever I want? yes I can, can, don't ask me this again! I'm talking to myself, don't put yourself into it. I'm stupid, I like dissing people for no reason.. Help me!!
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Anonymous disse...

Saukerl Это сумасшествие, почему мне нравится .. (=

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