Article: Obstacles

Por: Lipe (Saukerl) Angel Bastos
Título: Obstacles

             Life isn't that easy, everybody knows, and lots of obstacles appear toward us and we think about giving up when these are hard obstacles, but we musn't give up. We weren't born in vain, and everyone of us has something nice to do to this world, even those who think their lives are lost.
            Sometimes if feels like we have the world on our shoulders, but we are soldiers and we can stand every weight. And if you're religious, you know Jesus carried our load upon that cross (Hallelujah).
            You should be glad cause people in Haiti they eat salt and mud, they don't have a nice home, but they don't give up living, they're strong, you must be strong as well. Although some obstacles may try to cast you down, you must carry on, yeah go ahead, you can. Take a deep breath and start over, you're smart enough to thrive. Don't lose your trust or hope.
           Be yourself, be proud of who you are.
           Till next time.
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Anonymous disse...

Saukerl is my remedy *-*

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