Article: Heil Führer! Not again

Por: Lipe (Saukerl) Angel Bastos
Título: Heil Führer! Not again

          What was the worst one - The slavery time or when Adolph Hitler made his racist troops to put the Jewish and African people in jail or to kill them? If you count up how many dead bodies were found or how many battles were created because of lack of freedom of speech and free-will during both horrible situations you will notice your comparison has huge resemblances.
           If your boss or mentor is like that heartless man called Hitler, you have chance to release!
          You cannot live like a caged beast, the humankind can't be badly bossed. Yeah, my article can brainwash you, you can't live like a slave, you can't be forced to stay on your own, you can't be afraid of these evil people, it's pitiful! You can't shut your mouth, I can't believe you'll keep on standing this fact, yeah you can't be mute, you gotta get rid of it.
         Think it over, you can't be hurt, you can't sleep in the dirt, you gotta agree with, you're enough to not being overwhelmed. You can solve your problems by your lonely, no more press! No more press! You can't decay in the dirt! Open up your eyes, you can't pretend you're blind. Live up! Learn how to walk again, you may be creeping or on your knees, still you can stand up, move on!
         Not even Hitler stood himself, that's why he killed himself (yeah, laugh at it). Get straight-headed, you gotta have something to proud of. You can win this battle, beyond a shadow of doubt.
        This article is food for the spirit, so swallow it, eat it, spring your wings and fly, you're stronger now more than never, be a rebel, cause if you don't change your mind you'll be responsible for every monster, every coward. How could you allow something like this. Let me be your voice, no more psychological warfare, look at yourself in the mirror, mosh now or be the same weal person till the day you die. Tell your friends that Saukerl told you to fight!

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