Article: Apple lost its Mentor - Steve Jobs

Por: Lipe (Saukerl) Angel Bastos
Título: Apple lost its Mentor - Steve Jobs

        Hey, it's me again.. you know.. I'm here to talk about a californian man called Steve Jobs. Now you know who Steve Jobs is, but before his death you didn't know, you just knew the brand "Apple" (me too). I don't even know why he died, maybe it's because he was too old, or got Aids, or caught a strong pneumonia that harmed his lungs, I don't know, and it doesn't matter too.
      Now you ask me why I write about him if I barely know who he was, and I answer I don't care about Steve Jobs, I care about "Apple". "Apple" help millions of people to talk and to be happier, and the point is - "Apple" helped all of us, whether you don't like to admit it or not.
      Why its logo is a bitten apple? Because that means the apple which those two jerks who lived in that paradise and were denied by God because they sinned (?!). (Oh, that was a good one!)
      Fie, I don't believe I'm writing this horrible article, but don't blame me, I just wanted a hint and the owner of this blog suggested "Steve Jobs".
      Well, Steve Jobs was a smart guy, he tried to improve our lives, he tried to make the difference, he tried to show us our lives aren't that drab, he tried to show us we can get addicted to internet (haha..sorry) He worked to entertain us and thus we could be as glad as a begger with a snack and sunglasses. Why did I use the term "Mentor" at the title of this article? If you know what this word means, you got it, but if you don't know, "mentor" is like a "guide", a "master", and the president means a "guide" to its company or nation. ("But Saukerl, he lived in California and there are beaches a nice weather over there, why did he try to improve his life?" .. Just because he wanted to see other people happier, it's not everybody who lives in a great place like CA, so he tried to improve people's lives).
     Till next time (if it happens)..

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