Article: Death‏

Por: Lipe (Saukerl) Angel Bastos
Título: Death‏
-                    Are you afraid of death? What's the worst thing - Dying or living without any happiness?
                  There are too many ways for you to die - You might jump off a bridge and break your neck, you might be shot, you might have a slit throat while you're fighting, you might be eaten for a lion (or shark, or whale, or tiger, or cannibal), you might have your body on fire on in pieces for being next to a bomb-man, you might have a heart attack, you might die from overdose, you might drown and never be found, the plane you on might be fall down and burn, you might be run over for a bus (or car, or train, or motorcycle, or truck, or tank, or jet ski), you might have a cureless cancer and so on and on. (I wasn't cursing you, just to make it clear)
                Where are we going? Life has to have a meaning. If you believe in God but don't read the Bible, do you think you're going to Heaven or Hell? Well, I think this world is a hell, hell is any place under Heaven (my opinion, well, everything here is my opinion).
                Some people want to die while they're sleeping, but I don't want it cause I wanna have the notion I'm dying when I'm dying. It sounds weird, doesn't it? But if you think it over you might think I'm right (or not).
                Well, that's all.
                Till next time.

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Anonymous disse...

Sometimes I use to think about death but I pray and I get calm.. (:

A kiss from Croatia =D

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