Intermediário 7. How To Keep Your Romance Alive

 Need a little help or a few quick ideas on how to keep your romance alive? Below is a list of ways to spark up your love life!

Rules To Live By
1. Laugh alot, have a good sense of humor.
2. Look for new ways to fall in love all over again.
3. Let your love know you are there for them.
4. Show your partner you love them in every way possible.
5. Spend time apart, give each other space.
6. Add spice to your love life.
7. Avoid arguing.
8. Try new things.
9. Put your love's feelings first.
10. Keep your relationship full of surprises.
11. Trust one another.
12. Believe romance is important to your relationship.
13. Always have a good conversation with your partner.
14. Have faith in your relationship.
15. Tell your sweetheart how much they mean to you.
16. Be yourself.
17. Be romantic.
18. Always be there for each other.
19. Spend time together.
20. Whenever you have a misunderstanding make sure to talk about the problems and try your best to solve it together.
21. Treat your love as if they mean everything to you.
22. Treat your partner with the respect they deserve.
23. Never hang up the phone without saying I love you.
24. Never part without kissing.
25. Praise your partner often.
26. Never take your relationship for granted.
27. Make each moment with your with each other count.
28. Remember to take time for each other.
29. Keep happy.
30. Spoil your partner rotten!
31. Never go to sleep mad at each other.
32. Don't be afraid of making a fool of yourself.
33. Let your imagination be your guide.
34. Be a good listener.
35. Get to really know your partner.
36. Make yourself trustworthy.
37. Never be predictable.
38. Kiss your partner like you won't see them again.
39. Be open and honest.
40. Keep open communication with your partner.
41. Maintain a great friendship with your love!

Rituals of Love
1. Take a few minutes each day to say I love you.
2. Kiss everyday.
3. Start each day with a kiss and an 'I love you.'
4. End each day with a kiss and an 'I love you.'
5. Plan a monthly overnight/weekend getaway.
6. Take bubble baths together at least once a month.
7. Go out on at least one date a week.
8. Take walks together as often as possible.
9. Give your love a card once a week.
10. Set one day out of each week to do something special and never miss it.
11. Say something sweet to your love every day.
12. Send an e-mail every day.
13. Every night before bed wish your partner sweet dreams.

Romantic Ideas
1. Give your partner a smile or soft kiss and just let them know you are there for them.
2. Cuddle together on the couch and watch a movie.
3. Cuddle together on the couch and talk about your dreams and future plans.
4. Ask each other out on dates.
5. Write sweet letters.
6. Always hug and kiss your love.
7. Send little gifts to them by surprise.
8. Call them up at work to remind them you love them.
9. Rub their feet.
10. Place love notes in their lunch.
11. Buy their favorite cookies and hide them for your love.
12. Flirt with your sweetheart when your in a store.
13. Blow an unexpected kiss.
14. Read to each other.
15. Surprise your partner to a romantic weekend together.
16. Tell your love how sexy and beautiful they are.
17. Give special surprises like little teddy bears with "I wanna sex you up" notes or something silly like that.
18. Kiss in alot of different ways.
19. Send a romantic e-card.
20. Stick little notes in their car.
21. Bring flowers when they least expect it.
22. Take showers together.
23. Picnic under moonlight.
24. Give a single perfect rose for no reason at all.
25. Dance on the balcony.
26. Try Tantric Loving.
27. Put on your favorite songs and dance around in the kitchen.
28. Create love, friendship and devotion page for each other.
29. Write I love you on the bathroom mirror with a soap bar.
30. Have pizza with a love note delivered to your partners work.
31. Have coded messages to send pages to each other.
32. Cuddle up with your love in the cold.
33. Go hiking.
34. Ride horses.
35. Cook together.
36. Light candles, drink wine with strawberries and have lots of loving!
37. Keep a mini mailbox, leave the flag up when you've left a love note.
38. Pretend like you're meeting for the first time.
39. Get a babysitter.
40. Making It Intimate.
41. Take one night each week and give into each other's sexual fantasies.
42. Buy new sexy clothes.
43. Get a red lightbulb, a nice and sexy nighty, make a little dinner and then comes dessert. :)
44. Send your love x-rated e-mail.
45. Wear sexy lingerie.
46. Send your partner sexy websites by e-mail to let them know you're thinking about them.

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