Intermediário 3. RELATIVE CLAUSES - Place and Time

In Which / Where
Look at these sentences about places.
Number 170 is the house. I was born there.

We can join them together with in which.
Number 170 is the house in which I was born.

But we usually say
No 170 is the house where I was born.

When it is a specific place, we only use where.
I saw it in London, where I stayed with my friends.
She bought it in Korea, where she went for a holiday.

On Which / When / In Which
1) Look at these sentences about time.
That was the day. My father died on that day.

We can join them together with on which.
That was the day on which my father died.

But we usually say
That was the day when my father died.

2) For day or night we use on
The day on which my father died.

For week or month or year, we use in
The year in which he went to university.

1) It is common with time relatives to use either that or no relative.
That was the day that my father died.
That was the day my father died.

2) When it is a specific date or year, we only use when, never in which or on which.
I saw it on 29th March, when I was in London.
They worked for Shell in 1997, when they left university.

A) Join the sentences with in which or on which
1) John has been to the museum. There is an old map of the town here.

2) He arrived there on the day. There was a circus in the town that day.

3) She remembered the days. She had been happy on those days.

4) They bought the house. The old man died in it.

5) I've been back to the church. I got married in it.

B) Join the sentences with when or where.
1) Nicki went to Kuala Lumpur. The world's tallest building is there.

2) That's the house. The murder happened there.

3) That was the year. I met my wife then.

4) Mary met David in 1996. She was in Cairo then.

5) He became President in the year. We won the World Cup that year.

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