Intermediário - 1. Article Usage

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Use the with the names of plural mountains, lakes, and islands but not with singular names:
Mount St. Helens / Lake Michigan / the Hawaiian Islands / the Rocky Mountains

Do not use the with the names of continents, countries, states, provinces, or cities.

Use the, however, with the name of a country if it is plural, if it contains the word united or union, or if you use an official name that includes a phrase:
the People's Republic of China, the Republic of China / the country of Spain, the state of Minnesota, the city of Tokyo / China, Europe, Asia, Mexico / the Philipines, the United States, the United Kingdom.

Do not use the with the names of streets, parks, or squares.
Rodeo Drive / Central Park / Berkeley Square.

Do not use the with the name of a college or university unless it contains a phrase:
National College / the University of Minnesota.

Do not use the with the name of a company unless it has the word association, company, corporation or foundation as part of the name:
Honeywell / the 3M Company / Honda the Toyota Company / the McKnight Foundation / the Eaton Corporation / Productivity Inc.

Use the with the names of most buildings, structures, or bridges, but not if the name includes the word hall.
the Hilton Hotel / the Statue of Liberty / Lind Hall / the Golden Gate Bridge

Other troublesome articles
• Expressions of time: in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening (but at night), all the time, most of the time (but most times)
• Locations: at home, in college, in school (but at the university), in the store, at the company.

Supply the correct article (an, a, the) or nothing (ø) for each of the following sentences.
1. Since ________ early times, humans have used _________ energy from ___________ many energy sources to assist them in performing _______ difficult tasks of their lives. Also, ______________ animals like _____ donkey or _______ camel have been used to help humans carry out _______ task of carrying _________ heavy objects.

2. I haven't lived in ______ Minnesota since I was a child. When I was born, my family had ______ house on _________ Minnehaha Ave across from _________ Minnehaha Falls.

3. From ________ time of ______ Romans, ______ aqua ducts have been built to capture ________ natural power of _________ water.

4. ________University of Minnesota is located in ________ center of ____ busy metropolitan area. ________ professors and ______ students are able to draw from _________ vast business resources of ______ city and ______ state like ______ 3M and ______ St. Paul Companies in order to offer ______excellent variety of programs.

5. _______Grand Casino is located near ______ Mille Lacs Lake. It is owned by ______ tribe of _____ Native Americans.

6. ________ Rocky Mountains run through _______ several states in _____ western _____United States. ________Johnsons recently visited _____Yellowstone National Park in _______Wyoming. In ______morning, they would wake up to ______beautiful western sky.

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