Aulas Online - Avançado - Past Simple – continued

In questions and negatives we use DID/DIDN'T plus the infinitive form of the verb.
I enjoyed - Did you enjoy? - I didn't enjoy.
She saw - Did she see? - She didn't see.
They went - Did they go? - They didn't go.

Did you go out last night?
Yes, I went to the cinema, but I didn't enjoy the film very much.
When did Mr. Thomas die?
About ten years ago.
They didn't invite her to the party, so she didn't go.

The past of to be (am/is/are) is was/were.
I/he/she/it was / wasn't
We/you/they were / weren't
Was I/he/she/it?
Were we/you/they?

Note that we do not use did in negatives and questions with was/were.
I was angry because they were late.
Was the weather good when you were on holiday?
They weren't able to come because they were so busy.
Did you go out last night or were you too tired?

Complete the sentences. Put the verb into the correct form, positive or negative.
1) It was warm, so I … off my coat (take)
2) The film wasn't very good. I … it very much (enjoy)
3) I knew Sarah was very busy, so I … her (disturb)
4) I was very tired, so I … to bed early (go)
5) The bed was very uncomfortable. I … very well (sleep)
6) Sue wasn't hungry, so she … anything (eat)
7) We went to Kate's house but she … at home (be)
8) It was a funny situation but nobody … (laugh)
9) The window was open and a bird … into the room (fly)
10) The hotel wasn't very expensive. It … very much (cost)

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