Article: Police on strike, how far?!

Por: Lipe (Saukerl) Angel Bastos
Título: Police on strike, how far?!

In Salvador (Bahia-Brazil), policemen ae on strike for about one week and the violence raised more than 200%. The citizens are afraid and some colleges won't open their doors until the situation is normal again. All this terror demands action, we want the Army in the streets, but not just in a few streets, we want the Army on every block. I don't know how far this strike will endure, all I know is it's a chaos and the Carnival is coming up. Who will rule this party?! Adrenaline runs into our veins when we walk out the door, we need the police.
          It's so sad when I can notice this Earth has been curse, and this curse lets us crazy, bizarre things works, and just a few things can relief this tension, this strees has been eating me inside, how can rest my head again peacefully?! At least this sentences can show how we feel, the government isn't friendly. They don't care who is there and who can be assaulted or destroyed anyway, all they do is sit with both up at their desks. I can't believe it's happening in an upper-class city, it's a shame.
         The fear lives inside a lot of people here, some of them wanna move, or they'd rather just die or get fired, cause they don't want to put themselves outta house! The fear lives in every neighborhood, the rich ones and the poor ones. The city is a hell, some people can't take it, their brain is racing, no confidence, just concern.
         There are some lunatics with guns, roaming around, robbing stores, causing chaos. Bet we'll never guess who's knocking at our doors. This article doesn't show half of what it's really happening, I just describe how strange and harmful it is.
       Till next time.
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