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Título: Lyrics

      Churches say "NO!" to the gender that isn't Gospel, cause according to them, lyrics are harmful to those who listen to them. Churches say devil controls different genders (but Gospel) and lyrics speak like him, so that's a bad influence. It's not me who's saying that, I've heard about it in different churches, and just to clear things up - It's not a critic about churches, it's just something I bring as content to my article.
         Some lyrics are slightly amusing, and some lyrics you must not take so serious cause that may counfuse you. You have to try to separate the truth from the entertainment, even what lyrics are trying to explain you. Lyrics are contantly changing, showing expressive contents or useless content, but I won't mention or argue about no gender cause it's everyone's business.
         People say you shouldn't buy that cd or download that music cause the content isn't good to you,  but my speech is : If you don't like, it's your opinion, don't listen or buy that, period!
         It's not good when the controversy circles me, people asking how I like that song, or asking what they show me, or what I learn when I listen to it. That bothers so much that all it makes me wanna scream out loud "FUCK OFF!". That isn't polite but some people are annoying and I don't wanna be the target of their questions. People say Rock isn't good cause all the screams and guitars weeping make us crazy, but people just take it wrong and they try to instill we are wrong when we listen to this gender... Bullshit... It's easier to find a useless lyric on other genders (and I won't mention cause I'm not here to hurt nobody).
        Some lyrics are written just to say the truth, or to say things people wouldn't like to tell you, or to make you realise somethign you haven't learnt.. Some songs make you cry, take you by surprise, and you cry even with the most simple rhymes.. And some songs can make you mad cause you may not understand the content when you hear.. whatever.. Let's enjoy... Trip everytime you listen to music, that's my humble advice.
       Till next time. ;D

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Anonymous disse...

It's true..

A kiss from New Zealand :)

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