Article: Saukerl was in trouble

Por: Lipe (Saukerl) Angel Bastos
Título: Saukerl was in trouble
                   Before being called "Saukerl" for the first time, well, a not long time ago, Saukerl (as you know him) was just a fake-blonde who was trying to cope with every day life and was always praying for sleep because he was insomniac. But when he could sleep, he dreamt with a watering mouth, wishing for a better life, free of demons and free of fake love. He used to roam around, trying to find something nice to do but all he found was what he wasn't looking for.
                   Saukerl couldn't sleep and his parents wanted him to take some sleeping pills and he didn't took them cause he hates pills. But couting sheep wasn't helping, so he thought about a black sky without stars (without stars because if there were some of them he would have to count). Usually, he used to take a nap while he was listening to music, but his headphones were blaring so that was harmful to his hearing.
                 By the way, why am I talking about it? After all you didn't come here to read about this kind of issue.
                 Well, if you wanna know how Saukerl could sleep tight, add me on.. wait, nope, you don't need to add me, you don't like me, I know because I wrote about this crap and you didn't like it, so forget it.
                 Till next time.

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