Article: Human = Animal (?!)

Por: Lipe (Saukerl) Angel Bastos
Título: Human = Animal (?!)
-                When you're angry and break everything's on your path, you act like a savage animal, yeah, as wild as an animal. When the sex is on fire you also act like a savage animal (I won't say details, this is not an erotic tale). When you're dumb enough to try suicide, then you DON'T act like a savage animal. Not even animals try suicide, and some people do it. So, the human being can compared to an animal sometimes, and sometimes the human being cannot be compared to an animal cause people do so many bullshit that even an animal wouldn't wanna do.
               I'm sorry if you feel insulted, that's just the truth. Don't wanna know the truth? So stop reading my article, dude.
               If you think you can never be compared to an animal, you're lying to yourself. We aren't nothing but mammals (according to Discovery Channel), well some of us cannibals (I don't know everybody on this planet).
              You may think I'm an ill-mannered, but the only difference is I got the courage to say it in front of you all, I don't got to be false or gentle at all. I just think about things and write about them, and I don't feel guilty. What about remorse? I really don't feel any. Speking of remorse, animals don't feel remorse and some people too, then that's just one more resemblance.
              Onto the next one.

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