Intermediário 9. DEMONSTRATIVES This/that, these/those

 1) Put THIS/THAT before singular nouns: this table, that house, this furniture, that information.

2) Put THESE/THOSE before plural nouns: these tables, those houses, these furniture, those information.

3) Use demonstratives to show which things you are talking about, and to say whether they are near or far from your point of view.
This building is very old. That man over there is very rich. I'd like on kilo of these potatoes and half a kilo of those carrots.

4) Use THIS for time which is in the present and near future.
Examples: this year, this month, this week.

5) When we say THIS + TIME, we mean the current ones. For days of the week, we mean the next coming.
Example: This Friday.

6) Use THAT for time which is in the past, and for activities in the past.

Complete the sentences using THIS, THAT, THESE or THOSE.
1) Put (a) … chairs here round (b) … tables over there.
2) I went to the theater last Saturday but … Saturday, I'll stay at home.
3) I didn't like … pudding yesterday.
4) We're going to have fish for dinner … evening.
5) … boy over there in the corner is the one who started the fight.
6) … diamond in the glass cabinet over there is worth $ 7 million.
7) Have you seen … lovely pictures in the shop in the High Street?
8) Give me … book on the table behind you, please.
9) I want the chairs in (a) … room painted blue, and (b) … in the garden room painted red.
10) Jeffrey doesn't like … man standing by the door.

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