Avançado - 1. Prepositions After Verbs

(This is part 2 of 2 lessons (and not of 3 as mentioned on our last class) on the same subject.
Other common preposition problems:
• Days/Dates:
on Monday, Tuesday / on January 15, 1997 / in January 1997 / in January / in 1997 / on the 15 th of January / on New Year's Eve

• Times:
in the morning, afternoon, evening / at night / at noon / at midnight / at 6:00 / in a minute, hour, week / at this time / at the moment (right now) / in the summer, winter

• Locations
(be) at the store (I was at the store) / in the store (I was in the store: emphasizing inside the store) / (be) at school / (be) at church / (be) at home / (go) to the store, zoo, house / (go) to school, church, home.

Choosing the correct preposition (in, about, for, to...) after a verb is simply a matter of memorizing (and practicing) which prepositions accompany a specific verb. Fill in the appropriate preposition in each blank space. There may be more than one possibility.

1. I am very grateful __________ you.

2. I hope you are familiar _________ this subject.

3. He is accustomed __________ his professor.

4. That student always disagrees ____________ me.

5. I assume that you are acquainted _______ this subject since you are responsible __________ writing the accompanying materials.

6. Our school is associated ________that organization.

7. It is difficult to contribute __________ this fund when we are not committed ________ its mission.

8. We have been very satisfied __________the results.

9. The teacher was upset _______ the student's behavior.

10. I am interested ______your analysis.

11. We all object _________the use of this money for personal purposes.

12. I apologize ________our mistake.

13. We do not approve ________such trivial questions and are not willing to take responsibility ________ them.

14. Now that we are finished ______ the hard subjects, we look forward _______next year.

15. Our lab is equipped _______ the latest state-of-the-art computers.

16. The product is made ________ pure gold.

17. Never become involved _______ a questionable deal.

18. It is important that we coordinate our efforts _________each other.

19. We are not limited _________ our approach.

20. I hope you succeed _______ this research.

21. We want to thank you _______ your cooperation.

22. Our university is prohibited _______doing business _______ that country.

23. I want everyone to participate _______ the discussion group.

24. You would be wise to take advantage ________this free tutoring.

25. Are you aware __________the cost?

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