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Maybe some dull, basic English grammar stuff here, but I know how to get to the meat of any subject. Join me as I nose my way through the least you need to know to bluff your way through Freshman comp or any general writing task.
Here you have a list of the bare essentials of grammar. These are the things that English teachers love to comment on in your papers. They really are important, and, no, those profs don't just mark them so they can keep you from ever getting anything higher than a C on a paper.

If getting your point across in writing or making someone think you know what you're talking about is ever important to you, you have to get a handle on these things! My buddy, Doc Scott, seems to think there's a lot more to it. But what does he know? I only humor him since he's the one that does the typing, so you may find some technical stuff creeping in here from time to time. Just play along and we'll keep him happy--and keeping my page updated!
Try out the new "Self-Tests." These are short interactive exercises designed to test your understanding of the grammar points you have just studied. You can access these from the bottom of each feature page. (Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0+ recommended). "Self-Tests" are available for everything except Joiners.
Make certain that you let the "Self-Test" page load completely before entering any responses.


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